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The Complete Palladian Ensemble Collector's Series

The Complete Palladian Ensemble Collector's Series

CKD 982 (Linn Records)
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An Excess Of Pleasure

1. An Excess Of Pleasure

The Palladians debut which established them as one of the finest period ensembles around.   more >>

CKD 010

The Winged Lion

2. The Winged Lion

There is such variety in this sparkling programme that the listener is entranced throughout.   more >>

CKD 015

Bach Trio Sonatas

3. Bach Trio Sonatas

A joyful celebration of Bach's finest Trio Sonatas played to perfection by Palladians.   more >>

CKD 036

Bach Sonatas and Chorales

4. Bach Sonatas and Chorales

The charismatic Palladians return with their tenth album for Linn Records.   more >>

CKD 275

The Sun King's Paradise

5. The Sun King's Paradise

A brilliant Diapson d'Or award-winning album exploring music by Couperin, Marais and Rebel.   more >>

CKD 100

Les Elemens: Marais and Rebel

6. Les Elemens: Marais and Rebel

A powerful performance of French baroque by Rebel and Marais from the popular Palladians.   more >>

CKD 221

A Choice Collection: Music Of Purcell's London

7. A Choice Collection: Music Of Purcell's London

Exploring the pieces popular on the London music scene during the time of Purcell.   more >>

CKD 041

Held By The Ears

8. Held By The Ears

A highly enjoyable collection of works by Matteis complemented by some traditional gems.   more >>

CKD 126

An essential series of early music from Venice, Leipzig, Versailles and London, played to perfection by top-class musicians, presented in four stylish, glossy digipacks. 

'The Venice Collection: An Excess of Pleasure / The Winged Lion' brings together the music of 17th century Venice and the albums that launched the Palladian Ensemble onto the international music scene.  'An Excess of Pleasure' was awarded Gramophone "Editor's Choice" and both albums were awarded the Diapason d'Or.

'The Leipzig Collection: Bach Trio Sonatas / Bach Sonatas and Chorales' explores the music of Bach's Leipzig and includes the complete trio sonatas as well as some beautiful arrangements of chorales.

'The Versailles Collection: The Sun King's Paradise / Les Elemens' celebrates the music of the Parisian court at Versailles with music by the great Rebel and Marais.  'The Sun King's Paradise' was named The Observer's ‘Classical CD of the Week' and was awarded the Diapason d'Or.

'The London Collection: A Choice Collection / Held by the Ear's' is an energetic, foot-tapping collection of diverse music made popular in Purcell's London.  Featuring 'the fastest recorder playing you've ever heard' (BBC Music Magazine) and the winner of another Diapason d'Or award.

Release Date 2008
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4 Stars
"Alle Alben zeichnet die Virtuosität des Ensembles..."
more >>

The Herald
5 Stars
"The collection would form a handsome Christmas gift."
more >>

4½ Stars
Diapason d'Or: "...naturellement irrésistibles..."
more >>

Early Music Review
"The Ensemble play consistently with verve, style and virtuosity."
more >>

5 Stars
"Las interpretaciones de The Palladians son siempre tan veraces..."
more >>

Music OMH
4 Stars
"...consistently high quality."
more >>