This month's featured artist is Maeve O'Boyle. Join us as we take a look back at Linn Records first rock/pop album in Studio Master: 'All My Sins' (2009). With contributions from Maeve herself, this retrospective will give you the story behind the recording and introduce you to some exceptional music.

All My Sins' was the debut album from Maeve O'Boyle which demonstrated the young songwriter's unique and powerful voice, whilst also showcasing her own distinctive blend of pop, folk and rock. Maeve's instinctive lyricism purveyed a maturity beyond her tender years. This was especially evident in the self-penned songs Facing Home and Taxi written by Maeve at the age of just thirteen.


Maeve O'Boyle

'Album of the Month' 
The Music Critic


'This is a debut that promises much for the future.'
R2 Rock'n'Reel 


'Full of energy and charisma.'
The List 


'It's a classy collection of great soul-searching songs well sung.'
The Sunday Post


'No misses on this triumphant debut.'
Daily Express 


'Maeve's exceptional voice is evident.'
Daily Express


'All 10 ‘sins' are tunefully atmospheric.'
Hi-Fi Choice 


Fact about the Recording: Many well respected people from the music industry were involved in this record. The album was produced by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile) and featured songs written with Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) and Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub).  

Behind the Music with Maeve: "All My Sins' is an album I'm very proud of. The whole process, from the writing to the recording through to the releasing (the touring and promoting) was a life changing experience. The entire recording process was seamless (apart from having to take 3 weeks off after the first day of recording due to laryngitis). Calum Malcolm was fantastic and treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Meeting Laurie Cottle and Liam Bradley (the rhythm section of the record) was a highlight! Their experience, stories and guidance really coloured the sessions and certainly never disappoints.

Recording my first album with Linn was the ideal scenario, the perfect blend of professionalism, patience, raw talent and belief... I was extremely proud to have been responsible for the first rock and pop album since The Blue Nile on Linn... Perhaps it means that 'All My Sins' will forever have a special place in Linn history and that's something to be very proud of indeed!'


all my sins

5 star Daily Express

5 star The Music Critic

4 star Daily Record

4 star Hi-Fi Choice

4 star Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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