This month's featured artist, Maeve O'Boyle, delivered an outstanding debut album.  Linn's latest signing Amy Duncan, follows in her footsteps with an equally impressive debut, Cycles of Life.  The two Scottish based singer songwriters even share a producer - The Blue Nile's Calum Malcolm! With contributions from Amy herself, we will give you the story behind the recording and introduce you to some exceptional music.

Cycles of Life (2013) is a deeply personal, honest and ultimately uplifting account of the difficult life experiences Amy has faced and encapsulates the sense of moving from dark to light. Her determination and strength of character is evident throughout as this album doesn't dwell on the darkness but rather the ‘light at the end of the tunnel'.



'Anyone who likes good songs will find something of real beauty here.'


'It's easy to see why Linn were charmed.'
The Digital Fix


'A good variety of pace that allows you to concentrate on the album and the songs from start to finish.'


'It's a deeply moving encounter with life.'

Fact about the Artist and Recording: Amy's career hasn't followed a conventional path. After beginning her career playing double bass, the life-changing experience of becoming a mother in 2000 saw Amy channel her new perspective on life into song writing; a fortuitous turn of events that has seen Amy find her niche. Amy projects her emotionally charged lyrics with fantastic range. With beautiful harmonies and haunting melodies she weaves stories deeply familiar to us all.

Her life experiences proved a powerfully motivating and creative force in driving her music forward. On ‘Crack in the World' Amy shares her insight into the keen sense of disassociation one can experience during darker times. Luckily song writing gave Amy a sense of reality and connection to the outside world. Her positivity shines through in ‘Navigating' which details the process of emerging from repeated negative cycles into a happier life.

Cycles of Life also touches on both current affairs and affairs of the heart. ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright' was written during the London riots in 2011. Being a romantic at heart, Amy eloquently writes about her experiences with love. The title track, with a cinematic sound of the strings, harp, double bass and drums, details a break up which she further explores in 'Wild Animals'. Her fear of getting romantically involved again is washed away in the haunting, yet hopeful ballad ‘Your Very Soul' as Amy decides to hold out for true love.

Behind the Recording with Amy Duncan: "Up until now my music has been entirely self-produced, and although I have loved that process there has always been a frustration that it doesn't sound as clear and as alive as it could. It feels very right to now be releasing the album with Linn Records, whose ethos of high quality sound is very close to my own heart and I'm very excited indeed that people will be able to listen to the recording in studio master quality."

Linn's Managing Director, Gilad Tiefenbrun's perspective: "We're excited to have Amy Duncan on Linn Records because she is everything we look for in new talent: original songwriting and heart-felt, pitch-perfect delivery combined in a powerful, musical experience."

Available from Amy Duncan:

Cycles of Lifenavigating

 '...the overall feel is remarkably gently uplifting and very rewarding musically. If you haven't heard Amy Duncan's songs before, Cycles of Life is a very worthwhile introduction - her music is maturing but still developing, it's both delightfully simple yet very accomplished.'
D Booth - Linn Customer

'Once in a while an album comes along, which grabs my full attention and won't let go. As I listen to Cycles of Life, each song takes its turn to be my favourite.'
M Ozmond - Linn Customer