Delivery problems FAQs

I am sorry you are having a problem with your order.  Hopefully you will find the answer below. 

If you do not then please email us. The more information you provide the quicker we will be able to help you. You can also telephone us on +44 (0) 141 303 5027 if you require immediate help. The office is open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm.


Problem: I have ordered a download instead of a CD - what do I do?
Solution: Please email us with your order number and we will arrange for a CD to be sent instead.  There may be an additional postage charge to pay.

Problem: My CD is taking longer than I thought to arrive
Solution: Is your order definitely taking longer than the estimated delivery time?  If so, please check that the shipping address you gave us is correct.  You can check this by logging in to "my account", click on "show orders" and then click on the "invoice" which relates to your delayed order.  This will show you the shipping address.  If the shipping address is correct and the order is still within the estimated delivery time, please be patient - I'm sure your order will be with you soon.  If the shipping address is incorrect and/or the order is taking longer than the estimated delivery time please email us with your order number.

Problem: I would like to exchange or cancel my order
Solution: Please see our guide to returns and cancellations.

Problem: The item I want is only showing as a download, but I would like the CD
Solution: This probably means that the title is deleted or currently out of stock.  If you are confident downloading the album you can burn it onto CD.  Alternatively you can email us in case we have a spare copy in the office or can direct you to a retailer who may have a copy in stock.

Problem: I have pre-ordered an item ahead of the release date - when will it be shipped?
Solution: We will ship your item as soon as the new release is delivered.  This will always be several days ahead of the published release date, so is the best way to secure your album before anyone else.

Problem: The wrong item has arrived - what should I do?
Solution: Please check to see if you ordered the correct item.  You can check this by logging in to "my account", click on "show orders" and then click on the "invoice" which relates to your order.  If you did, then I am very sorry, we try not to make mistakes like this, and I am sorry that we did this time.  Please email us with your order number and we will sort this out very quickly for you.

Problem: My order has been damaged in the post - what can I do?
Solution: I am sorry that your order did not arrive in perfect condition. This happens very infrequently so I am sorry that it happened to you. We take every care to ensure that your order arrives in pristine condition. I would be happy to arrange for a replacement case to be sent to you if the damage is confined to the case or a complete exchange if the CD is also damaged. Please email us with your order number to let us know which you would prefer.

Problem: I am having trouble playing a Linn CD
Solution: If this is the first time you have played the CD and the fault is not with your player, please email us to arrange an exchange.  If you have owned the CD for more than 10 days we do not guarantee a replacement.  Please email us to arrange to send the CD back so we can check if it is faulty. 

Problem: Can I track my order?
Solution: No, I am sorry you cannot.  Linn does not offer a tracking service.  If you are concerned please check the estimated delivery time.

Problem: How long will I need to wait for my order?
Solution: Please check the estimated delivery time.

Problem: I have only received part of my order - is there a problem?
Solution: We sometimes part-ship orders if an item is temporarily out of stock or if one item is a new release which is not yet available.  We often ship LPs and CDs separately due to the packaging.  If the item which is late does not fit within these guidelines please email us with your order number .

Problem: How quickly will my order be processed and posted? 
Solution: During office hours of Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm orders are processed immediately.  If orders are placed before 10.30 am they are likely to be posted the same day.  We try to post all orders within 48 hours.  Express orders are given priority and will always ship the same day they are processed.

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