Linn Download Manager Help  

Welcome to the Linn Download Manager (LDM).  With the LDM you can download all your music files and artwork to a folder of your choice with minimum effort.

To begin downloading simply click the "Start Downloading" icon to begin downloading your music using the Linn Download Manager. 

If you experience any problems using the automatic installer, please use the following instructions to manually download and install the Linn Download Manager

  1. Download and install Adobe AIR.
  2. Download and install the Linn Download Manager.
If you already have the Linn Download Manager installed and you are having problems, you should begin by uninstalling and reinstalling the Linn Download Manager ans Adobe Air. You should also check there are no pending Adobe updates. You can also use another download manager or manually download the files. For the latter option, you should scroll down below the LDM information (on the same screen) and right click on the track you wish to download and click the 'save as' option, (otherwise it will simply play the track for you). Please let us know if you cannot fix the issue.