Linn Downloads: A History 

Linn was the first label to release CD quality music downloads without DRM (Digital Rights Management) and the first to champion Studio Master downloads because we're passionate about making the best recordings available at the highest quality.

' hat is off to [Linn] for leading audiophiles - and me! - into the brave new world of high-resolution downloads.' Stereophile

Since we launched our download service in 2007 it has grown to a catalogue of over 150 Linn albums at Studio Master quality. 

Linn Records' innovative download service not only offers you a wide variety of music, but also a wide variety of ways in which you can enjoy it. In addition to Studio Master downloads, you can also download CD quality and MP3 files and you have the choice to buy an entire album or just your favourite tracks.  

'Congratulations on making Studio Master quality available and multiple congratulations for trusting your customers and avoiding DRM. I have tried the files and the quality is superb. It is a pity that the larger record companies have not had the same concern for their customers. This is a great step forward in home reproduction.' G Gibney, customer

There is a wealth of new music to discover.