Linn Records Downloads - Customer Comments

We are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some customer comments about our download service with you.  If you would like to share your own comments please email us.

  • "I am very pleased with your music and your service and i will continue shopping here because its probably the best download site in europe regarding classical music." PNilsson


  • "I immediately ordered and am downloading Pizarro's Ravel as a studio master FLAC. I cannot overemphasize how wonderful the quality of these tracks is - beyond Pizarro's artistry, which is matchless. I am utterly satisfied with the quality, and I plan to continue to purchase other recordings from you." T Sidebottom


  • "Yes!!!!! FLAC!!!!!! Bless you all, thanks so much for doing this. I bought and downloaded my first album ever today." C Hermansen


  • "Firstly, thank you for providing a great new service.  I've bought Linn CDs in the past (and owned Linn HiFi), and this is an excellent service which really fills a gap.  The Artur Pizarro last 3 Beethoven sonatas CD is superb, by the way." T Summers


  • "By providing FLAC, you're now addressing my requirements 100%! As expected, playing CD Quality FLAC in OS X is flawless." M James


  • "There are many, many companies out there who take the attitude "Windows or nothing" and I congratulate you on your enlightened attitude, both towards Linux, and the DRM issue." D Kavanagh


  • "It is important that quality smaller labels lead the way for high rez downloads, currently I'm listening to what must be the most moving and invigorating Messiah on record. I have about 12 recordings and Linn's is the finest overall. All your recordings are superb......yes I am spreading word." P Harben


  • "I have just down loaded Carol Kidd's All My Tomorrows. Wonderful recording. Thanks..." D Pulvermacher


  • "I just purchased Barb Jungr Master Studio download album - Walking In The Sun. Thanks very much for offering these Master Studio downloads - spreading the word on them." K Liles


  • "I'm very pleased to see that you are offering high quality downloads of some wonderful recordings. I plan to be a frequent customer." C Hodel


  • "I am very impressed with your user-friendly download system for CD tracks and as I type am downloading some of the Rogier disc. I have been looking for a system like this for ages." A Mackay


  • "Thanks for the great idea of providing downloads at CD (or even better) quality ! No need to buy a physical CD just to have to copy it onto the music server!" M Nitters


  • "The quality of the downloaded tracks are awesome!! Am delighted with the sound quality and intend to download more tracks." A Hird


  • "My heart's in the Highlands just finished downloading. I am totally enchanted! Thank you for a superb job in your recordings!" J Molyneaux


  • "Linn's idea of selling master quality digital music is great! I listened yesterday to Messiah - what a great recording! I will spread the word around on the audiophile websites I visit." D Boeriu


  • "Just downloaded Barb Jungr - Waterloo Sunset Studio's superb." P Leigh


  • "Congratulations on making Studio Master quality available and multiple congratulations for trusting your customers and avoiding DRM.  I have tried the files (Messiah and Liszt) and the quality is superb.  It is a pity that the larger record companies have not had the same concern for their customers. This is a great step forward in home reproduction." G Gibney