Linn Records Downloads - Media Comments

We have had a fantastic response from the UK and international media to our Studio Master Quality downloads and to our website. Here are just a few of the comments...

  • "The Linn downloads are all taken from their own catalog; my hat is off to [Linn] for leading audiophiles-and me!-into the brave new world of high-resolution downloads."  '2007 Products of the Year' Award Winner Stereophile (US)

  • "Linn Records has always been a company that does things differently." Hi-Fi News

  • "Renowned for the care and attention it devotes to the quality of its record releases, Linn Records has launched a trio of download formats that breaks with the current norm, at least in the UK... Just as noteworthy is Linn Records' decision to remove any form of Digital Rights Management (copy protection) from its music." Hi-Fi World

  • "...[Linn Records] is taking a genuinely audiophile approach to sound quality..." Hi-Fi Choice

  • "It was a breath of fresh air to see Linn Records' new Studio Master downloads...clean, well-balanced sound free of any digital nastiness -- exactly what you'd expect from a company best known for its turntables -- and for the most part sounded at least a bit better than I'd expect from any CD...It's refreshing to find a music company offering higher-than-CD-quality downloads in a completely open format that you can transfer to whatever system you have now, or may have in the future, without having to worry about restrictions..."

  • "Setting the standard in the connoisseur's download market is Linn records, which offers MP3 downloads at 320kbps, CD-quality files and "Studio Master", the equivalent of SACD-quality downloads. If you're in any doubt as to whether or not the other file types you're downloading are compatible with your player, you can test them before you buy. I've just been listening to the Brahms Clarinet Quintet from Lesley Schatzberger and the Fitzwilliam Quartet - a real treat." BBC Music Magazine

  • "It will appeal to musicians, who want fans to hear the best possible reproduction of their work, and to music lovers who demand top quality sound and have so far snubbed the technology because of the poor quality downloads on offer." The Times

  • "They said it couldn't be done, that online music could never match a long-player for quality, sound and soul. Yet now, against all the odds, a Scottish record label has launched a ground-breaking strategy hailed as a revolutionary move..." Sunday Herald

  •  "A model download site... a classical site that finally takes listeners' concerns about sound quality seriously. Helpfully, Linn offers some test files which will allow you to experiment with the format that best suits you. I should add that Linn supplies easily the most helpful, honest and accessible background information you could wish to read." Gramophone

  • "Linn Records, the recording offshoot of the eponymous Scottish hi-fi manufacturer (Linn Products), has launched what is claimed to be the world's highest quality music download service. The Linn studio master tracks are aimed at audiophiles and music aficionados rather than the typical iPod user." The Scotsman 

  • "A very well thought-through destination and its audiophile credentials allow you to download at some very high bit-rates" Gramophone

  • "Go straight to the Linn Records website and read about downloading there, certainly about lossless downloading, as they have got a wonderful FAQs section; it's very clearly written, it's just very logical and it's also very honest.  Linn tell it as it is and actually it's very helpful indeed." James Jolly (Gramophone)

  • "Linn's sample site is extremely helpful in finding out what works with your system and what gives you the best results." Andrew McGregor (BBC Radio 3)