Why is Linn Records providing a download service?

There are lots of reasons for a record label to enter the download market directly. Our reasons include; 

Increase our distribution globally - by making our catalogue available for download the entire world that has access to computers can enjoy our music without having to rely on postal services.

Allow faster access to our music - in the last few years changes in our external environment have changed the way we download music. Most computer users now have fast internet connections rather than dial-up. A losslessly compressed CD will take about 35 minutes to download on a 1 Mb/s internet connection and less than 5 minutes for an 8 Mb/s connection. The need for highly compressed music files in terms of download time has been eliminated.

Take advantage of new data compression techniques - "lossless encoding" is now readily available. You can now download the catalogue "losslessly" - in other words the downloads are identical to CD quality. The compression ratio is about 2:1 so a full CD with 600MB of music data will losslessly compress down to about 300MB. 

Deliver higher quality music through new technology - downloads are normally associated with lo-fidelity, highly compressed pop music rather than with the music and sound quality on which we have built our business. We have now found a way to allow our customers to benefit from the download technology without compromising on quality.

Allow customers to have early access to new product / releases - as soon as a new title has been mastered we will be able to upload the files for purchase so you won't need to wait for the product to be manufactured or for a retail release date to be reached.

Allow us to experiment with new artists or new ideas from our existing artists -we will be able to upload tracks for new artists that we think are particularly worth hearing before the album is ready, or perhaps even recorded. That way you, the customer can have some say in which new artists we sign. We will also be able to add bonus tracks for our existing artists. When we record a new album we frequently record too many tracks - now we will be able to add these on to the site.

Simplify some purchases for customers. Sometimes you are looking for a particular piece of classical music, but you won't necessarily want all the other works on the same album - now you can just download the one work you are looking for. We have done our best to ensure the data fields will fill in correctly in your media player. Also, if you are looking to pick out your favourite Robert Burns songs, you won't need to buy all 368 songs any more - you can just download your favourite tracks.

Make available albums that are out of stock - from time to time albums go out of stock. Now they won't have to as you will always be able to purchase a download.