How to play downloads on your computer 

Computers can be a convenient way to listen to your music if you are already using your PC for other things, or if your music is on your laptop so you can play it as you travel around. 

You can play your downloads with one of the many media player software packages readily available. The most common are Apple iTunes and Microsoft Windows Media Player.  Songbird is also a particularly good option as it has a familiar iTunes type of interface and works in a very similar way and is able to play FLAC files. 

Your PC may come with a Media Player already which could find your music collection and convert it to another, lesser, format. Be especially careful of media players which come with MP3 players. Their goal is to get as much of your music collection in to the MP3 player as possible, regardless of quality. Some do this by compressing your music collection and replacing the original files. This means you will lose the high quality files you will have downloaded from this site. Please do make sure that if you have media players like this they cannot gain access to your high quality files.

It is essential to turn off all the audio processing features in the media player, if you want to experience the full quality of the downloaded music. Popular 'enhancements' are tone controls, graphic equalisers, room effects, volume levelling, pitch changing, dynamic range compression, equalisation and multiple volume controls.