Using a download manager

A download manager can enable you to download multiple tracks, albums and sleeves together.  This saves time and effort in comparison to downloading each track and album sleeve individually. 

When downloading a full album or several tracks we recommend you use a download manager. 


Using the Linn Download Manager (LDM)

To download using the Linn Download Manager (LDM) log in to your account and go to "download music" and follow the instructions to install the LDM - you will only need to install the programme once.  When it is installed you will be able to click "launch" instead.

The first time you open the Linn Download Manager, please click on the settings button near the top right of the page.  Here you can select the location you would like to save your downloads to.  Choose the location you require and click on Continue.

Using a different download manager

If you do not wish to use the recommend Linn Download Manager there are many free versions available. Put "download manager" into your search engine for some suggestions or see some customer suggestions below.

To download using a download manager log in to your account and go to "download music" and click "show all available tracks..."  (you can also browse directly to this page using this link .  This will open a new page which only contains your Linn tracks and artwork. 

Although we cannot recommend these programmes for all users, we have had successful feedback for these programmes:

If you have any hints or feedback that would benefit other customer please email us and we will share your comments.