Non-Classical Top 10

The Non-Classical Top Ten lists the albums which have proved most popular in the last month and might give you some good ideas for your next purchase. It covers not just jazz but also rock & pop, electronica and folk. 

Claire MartinClaire Martin & Richard Rodney Bennett - Witchcraft

These songs are some of the best entries in the Great American Song Book and Claire's singing has the style to a "t" and more wit and expression than anyone else alive. But it is the great, extraordinary Richard Rodney Bennett that just transforms this - the piano playing is just a masterclass in orchestration.

'...the result is one timeless version of a song after another...Unequivocally recommended.' Jazz Journal


Claire MartinClaire Martin - Too Much In Love To Care

Claire Martin's collection of classic romantic songs and ballads from The Great American Songbook features legendary US pianist Kenny Barron. It was named 'Best New Album' at the 2013 British Jazz Awards.

'...From the stylistic, "cool" jazz of the quartet to the assured, versatile singing, all of the pieces fit intuitively.' 5 stars Audiophile Audition  


Claire MartinClaire Martin & Ray Gelato - We've Got A World That Swings

'We've Got A World That Swings' is a tour de force: Ray's jumpin' vocals and sax provide an ideal foil for Claire's velvety voice. The song selection is a delicious serving of some of the most sumptuous morsels in the Great American Songbook.

Album Choice: 'This is [Gelato's] second pairing with Ms Martin, an audiophile poster child, and the results are irresistible...perfection.' 4 stars Hi-Fi News 


Tommy SmithTommy Smith - The Sound Of Love

Saxophone virtuoso Tommy Smith reveals himself to be a consummate ballad player on this laid back selection of classics by two of the most justly celebrated composers in jazz history: Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

'...this is not just another homage to Ellington and Strayhorn, Smith's renderings and keen vision clearly exhibit the obvious notions that Ellington and Strayhorn are embedded in his soul.' All About Jazz


Maeve O'BoyleMaeve O'Boyle - All My Sins

Maeve O'Boyle's unique blend of melodic pop, folk and rock has remained a firm favourite since its release in 2009. Her flair for penning intelligent, captivating songs and exceptional voice won acclaim from the public and critics alike.

'Maeve's mournful, plaintive and utterly beguiling voice ensures there are no misses on this triumphant debut.' 5 stars The Daily Express   


William OrbitWilliam Orbit - My Oracle Lives Uptown

'My Oracle Lives Uptown' is William Orbit's eighth album, and his signature sound - sleek and lush, but leaving a cool slipstream in its wake - is immediately recognisable. Most of the tracks on the album feature vocals, even if they are only textures in the mix - and their placement within the track is planned with a remixer's ear for shifts of perspective.

'It swings between nineties retro-dance and more considered, meaty fare.' Hi-Fi World  

Barb JungrBarb Jungr - Every Grain of Sand: Fifteenth Anniversary Edition

2017 marks the fifteenth anniversary since its release and to celebrate the album is being reissued. Barb's revelatory interpretations get right to the heart of Dylan's lyrics, finding new depths and emotion in his work. Barb's passion for the material and her clever musicality ensure that everyone will find something to enjoy.

'...the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far.' Wall Street Journal     


Claire MartinClaire Martin - He never mentioned love

Claire Martin pays a stylish tribute to the late and legendary American songstress Shirley Horn. This album sees the UK's finest jazz singer investigate songs memorably performed by her greatest influence.

'Claire Martin, easily the best British singer of her generation, was often more affecting than some of the overly lush recordings that Horn made in her final years...' 4 stars The Times  


Barb JungrBarb Jungr - Shelter From The Storm

Barb Jungr's unrivalled ability as an enthralling song stylist brings new depth and insight into songs by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie and Peter Gabriel. A Jazzwise 'Album of 2016'.

'The Dylan and Cohen covers are, as one has come to expect from Jungr, quite superb...But perhaps the biggest surprise on Shelter is the quality of Jungr's own compositions.' Kind of Jazz


Applewood Road10 Applewood Road - Applewood Road

This self-titled debut album, by all-female trio Applewood Road, is a testament to the prolific songwriting talents of Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace. Featuring some of Nashville's finest session musicians, Applewood Road was recorded around a single microphone live to tape.

'...The standout track is the gorgeous title song from which they take their name...a slow, dreamy drift through an old-time landscape.' The Daily Telegraph