Non-Classical Top 10

The Non-Classical Top Ten lists the albums which have proved most popular in the last month and might give you some good ideas for your next purchase. It covers not just jazz but also rock & pop, electronica and folk. 

Tommy Smith1 Tommy Smith - The Sound Of Love

Saxophone virtuoso Tommy Smith wows with a selection of Ellington and Strayhorn standards, featuring Kenny Barron on piano. This 1997 album, which reached Number 20 in the American Gavin Jazz Chart, reveals Tommy Smith as a consummate ballad player on this laid back selection of classics.

'Pianist Kenny Barron was the perfect choice for this project. His articulate phrasing and heartfelt performances provide the anchor for Smith's rich and multi- textured tenor sax passages.' All About Jazz


Barb JungrBarb Jungr - Chanson: The Space In Between

Barb's original take on the songs of Jacques Brel marked her Linn debut and the beginning of a decade-long recording partnership. Barb opted to use specially commissioned translations for her English language renditions which allowed her to fully explore and explain the emotions within the songs. Now in 192k Studio Master.

'I say, light that Gaullloise, sip a Ricard and go for it.' Hi-Fi+


Emily BarkerEmily Barker - The Toerag Sessions

Emily's new album is an engrossing collection of intimate solo versions of songs from across her career. Recorded at the legendary Toerag Studios in London, notable for its vintage recording gear, live to tape with no edits or overdubs, 'The Toerag Sessions' features songs going all the way back to Emily's first UK band.

'...seduces you with its sumptuous sound, but rewards further listening with the unfolding of the performer's heart.' HiFi Choice  


Martin TaylorMartin Taylor - Change of Heart

Recorded in 1991, the same year Martin was named 'Best Guitarist' for the fifth time at the British Jazz Awards, 'Change of Heart' features his quartet of David Newton, Brian Shiels and John Rae. This jazz favourite is now available in 192k Studio Master.

'Taylor's bluesy guitar and Newton's soulful piano make this extended performance a treat.'


Joe StilgoeJoe Stilgoe - New Songs For Old Souls

Joe Stilgoe's seamless ability to mix contemporary style with a fond nostalgia for the Golden Era of Gene Kelly and Louis Prima means his 'old soul' finds a perfect match in these 'new songs'. Featuring an energetic big band, exceptional rhythm section and a guest spot from singer Liane Caroll this is a sure-fire hit!

'...a songwriter of uncommon album that you just can't stop playing.' 5 stars The Observer 

Claire MartinClaire Martin - Take My Heart

Claire Martin takes a rare, and brilliant, side-step from her traditional jazz roots in her 1999 album 'Take My Heart' released for the first time in 192k Studio Master. Claire Martin's eclectic taste, originality and flair, plus a guest appearance from Oasis' Noel Gallagher, ensured this foray into pop-crossover territory was highly successful.

'Martin's leisurely, smoky voice never dodges a syllable or blurs a meaning as it sends slow, lingering chills up the back of the neck.' All About Jazz

Big Screen 7 Big Screen - Take One

Pianist David Newton is joined by Empirical's Tom Farmer (bass) and Matt Skelton (drums) for the impressive new Big Screen trio line up. The trio joyfully explores the worlds of stage and screen, swinging through a selection of timeless melodies which enjoy universal appeal.

'When it comes to bold originality and delicacy of touch, Newton is unbeatable...You'll be amazed by the transformations that emerge.' The Observer  


Claire Martin 8 Claire Martin - Too Much In Love To Care

'Too Much in Love to Care' is Claire Martin's first US studio recording for fifteen years and guest stars Kenny Barron. It was named 'Best New Album' at the 2013 British Jazz Awards. 'Too Much in Love to Care' is a collection of classic romantic songs and beautiful ballads from The Great American Songbook.

'Martin, who has always cited Ella Fitzgerald and Shirley Horn as major influences, can rightfully claim a place at their table.' The Jazz Times


William Orbit 9 William Orbit - My Oracle Lives Uptown

'My Oracle Lives Uptown' is William Orbit's eighth album, and his signature sound - sleek and lush, but leaving a cool slipstream in its wake - is immediately recognisable. Most of the tracks on the album feature vocals, even if they are only textures in the mix - and their placement within the track is planned with a remixer's ear for shifts of perspective.

'It swings between nineties retro-dance and more considered, meaty fare.' Hi-Fi World   


Claire Martin10 Claire Martin - Time and Place

'Time & Place' perfectly sums up Claire Martin's jazz roots and the inventive, forward-thinking repertoire choices that have framed her enviable career. With guests including The Montpellier Cello Quartet and Joe Stilgoe, Claire performs stunning new arrangements of songs from an eclectic group of songwriters.

'Time & Place is one of those rare things: an album of standouts...' Jazzwise