Non-Classical Top 10

The Non-Classical Top Ten lists the albums which have proved most popular in the last month and might give you some good ideas for your next purchase. It covers not just jazz but also rock & pop, electronica and folk. 


Emily BarkerEmily Barker - Sweet Kind of Blue

Emily Barker's latest album is an intoxicating blend of self penned songs about loves lost, heartrending humanity and the rush of the road trip. The making of the album was a love story in itself, between Emily Barker and Memphis. The deluxe version features eight new songs.

'It's a sweet and tender distillation of Americana influences. Blues meets country meets gospel, Emily's songwriting seems to capture a world that belongs both in the past and the present.' Clash


William OrbitWilliam Orbit - My Oracle Lives Uptown

Although My Oracle Lives Uptown is probably William Orbit's most immediate album, it's so subtly layered that it only reveals itself fully after a number of plays.

'The dreamy Optical Illusions washes over you in gorgeously drowsy electronic waves ... Orbit has no need to reinvent the wheel - this has become his sound, and once again it's irresistible.' 4 stars Mojo


Claire MartinClaire Martin - He Never Mentioned Love

Claire Martin returns with this stylish tribute to the late and legendary American songstress Shirley Horn. He never mentioned love sees the UK's finest jazz singer investigate songs memorably performed by her greatest influence.

In short: a gem of an album, pulling off the difficult feat of simultaneously showcasing Martin's unrivalled vocal gifts and celebrating the extraordinarily moving quality of Horn's music. Strongly recommended. Jazz Review


Tommy SmithTommy Smith - The Sound of Love

Saxophone virtuoso Tommy Smith reveals himself to be a consummate ballad player on this laid back selection of classics by two of the most justly celebrated composers in jazz history: Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

'...this is not just another homage to Ellington and Strayhorn, Smith's renderings and keen vision clearly exhibit the obvious notions that Ellington and Strayhorn are embedded in his soul.' All About Jazz


Carol KiddCarol Kidd - Tell Me Once Again

Tell Me Once Again, the new album by Carol Kidd with guitarist Nigel Clark, is full of magical moments and captures the spine-tingling intimacy they excel at in their live performances. Kidd's vocal melodies are as rich and sensual as velvet and Clark's guitar playing is refined, delicate and impeccable.

'...when it's Carol Kidd's voice and Nigel Clark's guitar, the effect can be magical.' 5 stars The Scotsman


Claire MartinClaire Martin - Too Much In Love To Care

Claire Martin's collection of classic romantic songs and ballads from The Great American Songbook features legendary US pianist Kenny Barron. It was named 'Best New Album' at the 2013 British Jazz Awards.

'...From the stylistic, "cool" jazz of the quartet to the assured, versatile singing, all of the pieces fit intuitively.' 5 stars Audiophile Audition


Barb JungrBarb Jungr - Walking in the Sun

Drawing on influences from a wide range of musical traditions, including gospel and the blues, the album is Jungr's most accessible release to date. Jungr brings her decidedly creative and imaginative style to Carole King's Way Over Yonder, Jimmy Cliff's Many Rivers to Cross and, of course, her trademark re-workings of Dylan songs.

'Her most compellingly sung and intensely vital collection to date.' Jazzwise


Applewood RoadApplewood Road - Applewood Road

This self-titled debut album, by all-female trio Applewood Road, is a testament to the prolific songwriting talents of Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace. Featuring some of Nashville's finest session musicians, Applewood Road was recorded around a single microphone live to tape at Nashville's all analogue studio, Welcome to 1979.

'The standout track is the gorgeous title song from which they take their name...a slow, dreamy drift through an old-time landscape.' Daily Telegraph


Claire MartinClaire Martin - Say It Isn't So

Say It Isn't So is a joyful celebration; both of the impeccably crafted songs of Irving Berlin and of the unique partnership between two seasoned performers at the top of their game: Claire Martin and the late Richard Rodney Bennett.

One of The 10 Best Albums of 2013: 'This collection of Irving Berlin songs has deliciously deft numbers like Shakin' the Blues Away, and witty ones like He Ain't got Rhythm...' The Telegraph


Liane Carroll10 Liane Carroll - Seaside

Liane Carroll's Seaside is a mix of original songs and covers broadly following a seashore theme, with sterling accompaniment comprising piano trio, guitar and brass. It was named 'Best New CD' at the 2015 British Jazz Awards.

'...this is not only Carroll's best disc, but one of the finest non-classical releases in the Linn catalogue.' The Herald