Playing your download on the Mac and in iTunes 

If you are a Mac user looking for lossless files then we recommend downloading in ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) format.  For poorer quality lossy files choose MP3. 

ALAC can be imported directly into iTunes, and MP3 and CD quality files played on your iPod.  Currently Studio Master files are too large to play on an iPod.

(If you still prefer to choose FLAC you can do so, but you will need to convert the files to play in iTunes or use a different players, like SongBird. It has a familiar iTunes type of interface and works in a very similar way, but the good news is that it supports FLAC files. Plus it works with your iTunes library as well, so you can even use them both side by side with minimum fuss!)

An even better solution

We would of course encourage you to consider an even better solution than a Mac to play your music. A Linn DS player will allow you to store your music wherever you like, in a format of your choice, control it with any device (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad etc.) and play the music where you want in your home, without being tied to your computer. And, of course, the sound is spectacular.