Exciting news from Linn

23 November 2016

We have some exciting news to share with you. In 2017 LinnRecords.com will be enjoying a complete upgrade, with improvements being applied across the website to create an unbeatable shopping experience for the music-loving audiophile.

During the development period LinnRecords.com will continue as normal with one exception and that is that physical items, such as CDs, SACDs and LPs, will not be available to purchase from the website. Of course, you can still purchase any of Linn's CD, SACD and LP releases from online retailers or your local stockist. With work commencing this month you will see CDs, SACDs and LPs gradually removed from sale, with no further CD, SACD and LPs sold as of 15th December 2016. The work does not affect the sale of digital music so you can continue to choose from over 400 albums to download.

If you are unable to find a CD, SACD or LP available to purchase, please email us and we will do our best to find a stockist for you.