Netrebko's Verdi is No.1

23 August 2013

Anna Netrebko's new 'Verdi' album has been climbing the charts all over Europe.  It topped the chart in Austria and reached No. 6 in Germany, No. 8 in Denmark and No. 1 in the Russian iTunes charts.  This is fantastic for the Russian whose first studio album in five years is a foray into fresh dramatic territory.

'It's hard to imagine that all of these pieces are from one composer. Even if many of the arias have the same basic structure - recitative, cavatina, recitative, cabaletta - they're all completely different.' says Anna, 'I couldn't be happier that Verdi's music is reaching such a wide audience, especially with this year being his bicentennial.'

Congratulations Anna!

Anna NetrebkoAnna Netrebko