New downloads from Arts

07 July 2009

German audiophile label ARTs has added to their impressive range of 24 bit downloads with two more beautiful classical recordings. 

"Albinoni Concerti a cinque op. 10" by Harmonices Mundi dir. Claudio Astronio was released on 7th July 2009, the same day the disc went on sale. 

"Les Saisons Amusantes" by Les Éclairs de Musique features Vivaldi's famous 'Four Seasons' performed by the Italian ensemble who are especially known for their outstanding baroque interpretations.  The recording received several excellent reviews upon its release.

  • "A delicious novelty ... It's great fun, and the players of Les Eclairs de Musique clearly have a good time ... The sonics are gorgeous: warmly natural and perfectly in balance, with a certain mellow atmosphere that ideally suits these arrangements."
  • "An excellent record...perfection." Répertoire
  • "Forget everything you thought about the Four Seasons, because with this CD, you'll be able to discover a completely new Vivaldi! ... Extravagant sound effects, breathtaking sound combinations ... you'll be thrilled by their vivacity." 
  • "Charming and convincing ... lightness and deftness ... " and "Perfect musical entertainment ... instrumental colour and imaginative performances."

Harmonices Mundi dir. Claudio AstronioHarmonices Mundi dir. Claudio Astronio
Les Éclairs de MusiqueLes Éclairs de Musique
Albinoni Concerti a cinque op. 10Albinoni Concerti a cinque op. 10
Les Saisons AmusantesLes Saisons Amusantes