Recording insights with Bob Attiyeh

21 October 2009

Yarlung Records producer Bob Attiyeh shared his insights in the recording process for the debut album of Finnish violinist Petteri Iivonen, whose album "Art of the Violin" is available to download at Studio Master (24 bit) from now.

"We recorded this album in Alfred Newman Hall at the University of Southern California, where Hagai Shaham serves on the music faculty, and where Petteri came to study. Newman Hall exemplifies the warm and yet transparent and lively sound of the concert halls that I favor for recordings, and its acoustics adjust easily to provide different lengths of decay.

We chose a legendary Austrian AKG C-24 stereo microphone with the original brass surround CK12 tube, made available to us by Gearworks Pro Audio. We used five-feet long Yarlung-Records-designed interconnects with a flat silver ribbon suspended in air for the dielectric, customized vacuum tube preamplifiers and no mixer. The signal path was as short as we could make it, with as few electronics between performer and final product as we could manage. We always try to record this way, but I feel Petteri's sound lends itself especially well to this sort of minimalist recording technique.

I would like to thank our friends Jon Fisher of Gearworks Pro Audio for our beautiful microphone, and Joseph Rauen and Michelle Maestas, our valiant stage crew in Newman Hall, whose USC hospitality and boundless enthusiasm contributed greatly to our recording. We hope you enjoy the results."

Petteri IivonenPetteri Iivonen
Petteri Iivonen: Art of the ViolinPetteri Iivonen: Art of the Violin