Exclusive Maeve O'Boyle video

29 July 2011

You can listen to Maeve chat about her new EP and perform a special acoustic version of Facing Home on this video especially made to accompany the release of 'Intermission'. View video.

The release of 'Intermission' will be welcomed by the many fans Maeve O'Boyle won with her incredible debut album 'All My Sins'.

'Intermission' allowed Maeve to return to her roots - just her voice laid bare with her guitar.  This simplicity allows for the rich nuances of Maeve's voice and the depth of her lyrics to come to the fore.  Fans of her live shows will know her more intimate moments are spine-tingling and this EP captures that raw emotion.  'Intermission' also afforded Maeve the chance to once again work with producer Calum Malcolm, whose work on 'All My Sins' was widely praised.  

Maeve O'BoyleMaeve O'Boyle