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10 June 2011

Click here to watch the new video from Mark Moraghan's hit album 'Moonlight's back in Style'.  'We'll Never Have Manhattan' is a witty take on nostalgia for the glory days of swing and how modern life in England, is, well, just a little bit different.  Its not every song that seamlessly references Brooklyn Beckham, President Obama and Frank and Ella!

Writer Nicky Campbell writes:

"I first went to New York in 1989 on a day return, to interview the Rolling Stones. The record company sent us First Class. Those days have long gone. Nice work if you can get it. It was as you can imagine - an intoxicating experience (apart from the return flight on Air Kuwait). But coming over the bridge from JFK as the cityscape came into view was, for a Jazz, Swing and Woody Allen nut like me, a quasi-religious experience. I was a pilgrim at the gates of the Holy Land. The radio in the yellow cab was actually playing ‘Rhapsody in Blue' like some kind of a corny set up. I am a sucker for the place.

My personal life was miserable at the time and Manhattan came to represent for me, Never Never Land, Emerald City, and Shangri La. A haven of dreams, romantic love, musical genius and 13ths with flattened 9ths - a place (for us) where anything and everything was possible. When things were really sad I was sustained by the ridiculous fantasy of going and living there in a little apartment with that girl. Ah yes, that girl from long ago. Those classic tunes; those sublime mini-essays on love would be our happy ever after world. It was never going to happen.

I had the idea for ages but the words and melody came to me one morning after a running past Tooting Broadway tube station. I hummed the instrumental break into my mobile imagining fireworks breaking over the electric night skyline. The fantastic Margo Buchanan duets with Mark. Margo has sung with among others, Joni Mitchell, Clapton, Tina Turner, Daryl Hall and Pink Floyd. She once said to me said, ‘swings my thing; just give me a call" You bloody bet we did."

The writes:

"We'll Never Have Manhattan is a vocal duet between Moraghan and Buchanan. In Campbell's clever lyric the protagonist's longing to visit a mythical New York is cancelled out by the reality of life in humdrum South London. Broadway NYC is exchanged for Tooting Broadway. I've never heard so many South London locations mentioned in a song since the heyday of Carter USM. As you may have gathered this song is witty, genuinely amusing and great fun."

Mark MoraghanMark Moraghan
Nicky CampbellNicky Campbell
Moonlight's Back in Style (songs by Nicky Campbell)Moonlight's Back in Style (songs by Nicky Campbell)