Pinnock's new Mahler on BBC In Tune

24 May 2013

On BBC Radio 3's 'In Tune', hosted by Sean Rafferty, the renowned Trevor Pinnock talks about his forthcoming album 'Mahler: Symphonie No.4'. The radio show - available to listen to online until 30th May 2013 - includes not only Trevor Pinnock's own description of this album but also an exclusive preview of the recording. 


Trevor Pinnock: This is the Mahler, this is the Mahler as it was done in Schoenberg's private concert series and I'm doing a whole series of those Schoenberg associated arrangements... I've just recorded a Strauss waltz along with Bruckner's second symphony... The Mahler is one of the best pieces. Those were the concerts where Schoenberg didn't allow critics in. There was a notice outside the door: critics not allowed in. He didn't allow applause either.