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Just Music Exclusive Linn Compilation

Various Artists

Just Music Exclusive Linn Compilation

...the best of Just Music
TAO041L (Just Music)
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Tracks: Listen and Download

Track Time Listen
Second Sense

Second Sense

Composer Jon Hopkins
Writer Jon Hopkins
05:14 Play $3.40
How Dare You

How Dare You

Composer Laki Mera
Band Laki Mera
Writer Laura Donnelly, Andrea Gobbi, Keir Long, Tim Harbison, Trevor Helliwell
03:47 Play $1.70
We Travel

We Travel

Composer Marconi Union
Band Marconi Union
Writer Richard Talbot, James Crossley
07:01 Play $3.40
Nobody Loves You The Way I Do

Nobody Loves You The Way I Do

Composer Honeyroot
Band Honeyroot
Writer Glenn Gregory, Keith Lowndes
06:03 Play $3.40
Already Numb

Already Numb

Composer Loner
Band Loner
Writer Geoff Smith
03:47 Play $1.70
93 Years On

93 Years On

Composer Digitonal
Band Digitonal
Writer Andrew Dobson
08:10 Play $3.40
Another Side Of The Sky

Another Side Of The Sky

Composer Dan Arborise
Soloist Dan Arborise
Writer Dan Arborise
04:00 Play $1.70
La Glorieta

La Glorieta

Composer Laroca
Band Laroca
Writer Rob Pollard, Olly Wakeford
04:18 Play $1.70
Come The Morning

Come The Morning

Composer Leo Abrahams
Soloist Leo Abrahams
Writer Leo Abrahams
04:05 Play $1.70
The Calm

The Calm

Composer Echaskech
Band Echaskech
Writer Dom Hoare, Andy Gillham
03:58 Play $1.70
Total Running Time 50 minutes Purchase all tracks 
Prices shown in US Dollars
This compilation album of the best music from Just Music was created exclusively for Linn Records customers.  It features an exciting collection of Just Music artists from the legendary Jon Hopkins to the fastly rising stars of Laki Mera to the mesmerising Echaskech.
Download includes - cover art

'The understated irony of the label's name is the essence of its the end of the day, it may just be music, but in this case with the rare power to quietly shake the soul.' Pete Lawrence, Big Chill founder

Just Music, an independent music label in partnership with their artists, opened its doors  some 10 years ago and is now label home to some of the very best artists in cutting edge electronica, acoustic, ambient, downtempo and non-classical. This exclusive compilation has been put together to introduce Linn customers to the Just Music albums available to download through Linn in studio master quality.

The exclusive compilation features the following artists:

1. Jon Hopkins - Second Sense - from the incredible second album Contact Note by the Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2011 Album of the Year and Ivor Novello nominee, classically trained composer, electronic artist, producer, musical shapeshifter, Brian Eno and Coldplay collaborator Jon Hopkins. Jon's stunning debut album, Opalescent, is also available through Linn.

'A truly magnificent record that deserves to rocket Hopkins to great success and acclaim - beautifully melodic, haunting and atmospheric - Contact Note is a sublime achievement and brings with it that insatiable appetite for more. 5/5' The Music Review

2. Laki Mera - How Dare You from their hauntingly beautiful debut album The Proximity Effect'. Glaswegian quartet Laki Mera extend and weave beyond the expected confines of genre and are defined only by themselves, their music born from a love of innovative, technological exploration and organic artistry. 

 'Wonderful debut album....a dense folktronic architecture with an intricacy and subtlety that recalls the Blue Nile, Cocteau Twins and Portishead...a ghostly wall of extraordinary emotional power.' The Sunday Times ****

3. Marconi Union - We Travel - from their poetic, almost classical third album A Lost Connection, shaped around themes of isolation and disconnection, inspired by images of withdrawal from the world, a kind of inward journey in which desolation and remoteness are key factors. Their fourth album Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmissions Vol 1) is also now available through Linn.

'Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica...gorgeous.' The Guardian

4. Honeyroot - Nobody Loves You The Way I Do - from their classic second album The Sun Will Come. Honeyroot contains one of the true originators of the entire electronic genre, Glenn Gregory. This record combines an intense energy with a calming ambience and is destined to become a modern masterpiece. Their debut album, Sound Echo Location is also available through Linn.

'A beautifully crafted record, part Morcheeba, part Zero 7, part Air, part Royksopp...but this is in a different league. This has it's (honeyed) roots in torch-song soul, romance and melodrama.' M8


5. Loner - Already Numb - from Western Sci-Fi, Loner's atmospheric mysterious and beautiful second album, an album with reflective and passionate melodies, restrained vocals and stunning piano arrangements, a heartfelt expression of desolate pop. Loner's eponymous debut album Loner will also be available soon through Linn.        

 'Tom Waits / Nick Cave influences to build fuzzed-up moodscapes and poetic pop vignettes... very original and in places quite exceptional.'  DJ Magazine


6. Digitonal - 93 Years On - from Save Your Light For Darker Days which fuses the boundaries of both modern classical and electronic movements and is fast becoming a seminal electronica classic, voted one of the top 20 electronica albums in the last 20 years by US tastemaker station Echoes. Their 10 year retrospective 'Be Still My Bleeping Heart" is also now available through Linn.

'By bridging classical composition in an experimental and cutting edge way, we're gifted to listen to some of the most beautiful compositions that will last in the memory for a long time.'


7. Dan Arborise - Another Side Of The Sky - from Dan's second album  Of Tide and Trail where Dan manifests his desire to pick up the mantle of 'folk singer for the 21st century' as critics dubbed him when ‘Around In Circles' (also now available through Linn) took its first breaths. An album that burns with soft power, with wave after wave of intense, psychedelic rhythms.

 'A hugely atmospheric record thats gently beguiling, with picked acoustic guitar layered to create ambient swathes of sound that engage the head and melt the heart.' Clash

8. Laroca - La Glorieta - from their lushly electronic second album Valley of the Bears. Laroca make music like nothing you've ever quite heard before - a heady, uplifting mix of cinematic grooves, global beats, chilled moods and exotic funk. Their debut album, Friends in Far Away places will be available through Linn soon.

'Laroca have successfully made a really fantastic record, a really cohesive and enjoyable ride through electronica and globally influenced music that sits perfectly in the background or foreground of your attention.' The Beat Surrender

9. Leo Abrahams - Come the Morning - from the second solo album by classically trained guitar experimentalist and Brian Eno collaborator Leo Abrahams,  The Grape and The Grain, is a collection of tender and melodic pieces exploring instrumental English folk music featuring Leo's exceptional guitar playing with added strings and ethnic percussion. Leo's first album, Honeytrap, will be available through Linn shortly.

'A musician of amazing ability and perception. Unmissable.' Glasswerk

10 . Echaskech - The Calm - from Echaskech's effortlessly flowing second album Shatterproof, which  showcases their atmospheric and mesmerising style where melodic dance beats blend with a beautiful spectrum of flavours and redefines expectations of what an electronic album can achieve. Their first album, Skechbook is also available through Linn.

'The immaculately crafted record slowly reveals its layers...seeming to build on its own mystique in a compounding fashion, each listening becoming more impressive than the last. In time Shatterproof will be recognised as one of the most important electronic albums of the '00s, every bit as much as Leftfield's Leftism is recognised as one of the essentials of the 90s'.' Popmatters

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