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The Times
'Vizzana….frequently used her exceptional musical talent to celebrate the physical, sacramental presence of Christ in all its sensuous images….The subtly variegated palette of Musica Secreta reveals her own spiritual secrets deliciously.'
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Independent on Sunday
'Were Botticelli's Primavera to burst into song, she would probably sound like this.'
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Classic FM Magazine
'Extraordinarily worldly, even sensual settings, ravishingly declaimed.'
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The Observer
'Vizzana’s 20 motets are historical treasures wonderfully presented by the acclaimed Musica Secreta.'
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BBC Music Magazine
4½ Stars
'There is no doubt about the integrity and intelligence of its performances, and the sound of the ensemble's female voices is refined and exquisitely sweet...'
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Musica Secreta - Lucrezia Vizzana Componimenti Musicali - The Sunday Times

01 January 2007
The Sunday Times

'…the music is reminiscent of Monteverdi and others, but admirably wrought and certainly worth discovering...The group’s cast is a recommendation in itself, and there is no doubt that music and interpretation are evenly matched. Seraphic sounds…Musica Secreta’s fine disc shows her (Vizzana) to have been an excellent composer...all the performances are atmospheric. If they find more music of this quality, scholars will at last be able to revise musical histories without having to indulge in token feminism.'
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