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Barb Jungr – Chanson: The Space In Between – In Tune International

01 June 2003
In Tune International
Allen Pollock

In contrast to the current abundance of chirpy girl singers is Barb Jungr. The name, husky vocal style, and choice of material promise a continental chanteuse starkly dressed in black and hailing from the Left Bank in Paris or a creation of a pre-war Berlin cellar. The fact is, Barb hails from Rochdale; the union of Czech and German parents. Although her career has featured blues, gospel and jazz, her haunting vocal aura links her to Piaf and Juliette Greco, with some resemblance to the latter-day Marianne Faithfull. Like the latter performer she has toured the alternative cabaret circuit for many years. Barb's initial recording for Linn Records was 'Chanson: The Space in Between' which gained accolades for its vision and innovation. Featuring many songs in English by Jacques Brel and other French composers, the songs include 'Ne me quitte pas' ('Don't leave me now' a.k.a 'If you go away' and 'No regrets' in an effective low-key setting. Interloping standards, 'I love Paris' and 'April in Paris', dazzle in versions which reach their very heart.
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