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Cappella Nova - Tavener Conducts Tavener - The Scotsman

28 November 2015
The Scotsman
Ken Walton
4 Stars

Here's a lovely disc celebrating the connections that Glasgow-based choir Cappella Nova enjoyed with the late Sir John Tavener over a quarter of a century, not least the familial link with Cappella Nova's director Alan Tavener.

There are numerous premiere recordings here, and a symbolic framing of the programme by sections from the luminescent three-hour "magnum opus" Resurrection, written by Tavener for the choir in 1990.

There are, of course, favourites such as The Lamb, but also a delightful range of compositions showing Tavener in more varied light - the resplendent Sunrise In Your Heart, for instance.

A specially-commissioned tribute from his pupil Ivan Moody - O isplendor - bears an obvious stylistic link, almost medieval in parts, but is a refreshingly opulent contrast.

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