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„Es darf als Reverenz an die mittelalterliche Tradition verstanden werden und zugleich an dieses herausragende Ensemble. Wie das Drama der Kreuzigung hier von innen her durchleuchtet wird, im Zusammenklang der klar und transparent geführten Stimmen, ist ergreifend; darin liegt auch ein mystischer Kern."
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Gothic Voices - Mary Star of the Sea - RSI Switzerland Rete Due

30 January 2017
RSI Switzerland Rete Due
Paolo Scarnecchia

In accordance with the deep and inspiring motive of Marian devotion that crosses the whole creative arc of the history of western music, the ensemble Gothic Voices has distilled out the pure vocal joy that resounds in the anonymous creations of cantilenas, conductus and medieval discants, which culminates in the successive euphony of Power and Dunstable. Shining amidst the ancient music are some works by two interesting contemporary composers, who are particularly sensitive towards plainchant and the polyphonic tradition, namely the American, Joanne Metcalf, and the Englishman, Andrew Smith.

Seguendo il profondo motivo ispiratore della devozione mariana che attraversa l’intero arco creativo della storia della musica occidentale, l’ensemble Gothic Voices ha distillato la pura gioia vocale che risuona nelle creazioni anonime di cantilene, conductus e discanti medievali, e culmina nella succressiva eufonia di Power e Dunstable. Fra le musiche antiche brillano alcune composizioni di due interessanti autori contemporanei particolarmente sensibili nei confronti del canto liturgico e della tradizione polifonica, come l’americana Joanne Metcalf e l’inglese Andrew Smith.

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