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'The sheer variety of music makes for compelling listening, aided by some expressive singing from the five soloists...'
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Recording of the Month: 'This beautifully recorded disc will no doubt be one of my highlights of 2017.'
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4 Stars
'...a most welcome arrival...full of flair and improvisatory spirit.'
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4½ Stars
'...finely chiselled courtly pieces alternate with robust, popular melodies...'
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'This CD presents a colourful and varied picture of such an event, with good instrumental playing and solo singing...'
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'The English lutenist Elizabeth Kenny devises unusual programs with her group Theatre of the Ayre, and this is one of the best.'
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Recommendation: 'The lutenist Elizabeth Kenny and her ensemble "Theatre of the Ayre" bring their listeners closer to the music, which has not been played since its inception, in a virtuoso and fun way.'
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'Delightfully arcane instruments provide the exquisite instrumental backdrop for a recital which blends passages of courtly elegance with the much more earthy delights...'
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The Observer
'...there are exquisite sounds from Kenny's plucked-instrument ensemble...with nicely refined singing.'
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Theatre of the Ayre - The Masque of Moments - BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'

11 March 2017
BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'

...first though, let's put on our finest weekend apparel and dancing shoes, and head for central London, and the banqueting houses of Whitehall in the 17th century, where masques were the most extravagant form of entertainment, with composers and performers vying with each other to produce the most colourful and virtuosic display pieces...the 'ayres' at the heart of the masque. This is the performing tradition celebrated in this new recording from lutenist Elizabeth Kenny's ensemble Theatre of the Ayre (spelled a-y-r-e, of course), and with the help of singers Sophie Daneman, Rosanna Wicks, William Purefoy, Nicholas Mulroy and Giles Underwood, and Salisbury Cathedral Choir, they've designed a composite entertainment of their own. It had me under its spell almost let's see whether it has the same effect on you...if we take it from the top, we've a couple of numbers by Anon: 'Lord Zouche's Maske' and 'The Earl of Essex Measure'...then songs from masques by Thomas Campion, Giovanni Coperario, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Robert Bateman and Robert Johnson. No more from me...take it away Theatre of the Ayre.
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