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Early Music Today
'The experiment is an interesting one...Cellists especialy will encounter much to intrgue them and will find of interest Luolajan-Mikkola's accompanying essay dealing with tuning issues and other important matters for the would-be transcriber.'
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Klassisk Musikkmagasin
5 Stars
” min nøling etter for beundring og verdsetting...Spillet og innspillingen er begge lytefrie.” / ' hesitation gave way to admiration and appreciation...The performance and the recording are both flawless.'
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'The musicality of Luolajan-Mikkola's performance commands respect as does the sheer dexterity of his playing, especially in his magisterial account, for example, of the Presto in the Partita No 1 in E minor. It is such an exuberant display that we are left almost breathless with excitement...'
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'Luolajan-Mikkola's playing is magical and he coaxes an amazing range of resonant sounds from his cello....The beauty of this interpretation is its contemplative spirit. He brings out the details that even Bach enthusiasts may never have noticed.'
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'Markku Luolajan-Mikkola's transcription of these works succeeds so beautifully...'
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'This is an outstanding disc with some absolutely phenomenal playing.'
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The Strad
'... Markku Luolajan-Mikkola has risen to the challenge, and carries off this technical tour de force with impressive strength and dexterity.'
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'...a delicious richness to the sound of the solo instrument...'
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The Guardian
'...Sarabandes sung low and husky, unadorned, flawed and beautiful.'
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Irish Times
'Bach with a difference...a darkening of tone and a thickening of textures...'
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'Markku Luolajan-Mikkola spelar Bachs soloviolinstycken på barockcello och tolkar musiken suveränt.' / 'Markku Luolajan-Mikkola plays solo violin works by Bach with a baroque cello and interprets the music splendidly.'
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Ming Pao Weekly
Chinese Review: 'Luolajan-Mikkola offers a marvelous transcription of the sonatas-partitas, and that it’s enough to listen to your playing without the explanation of why to do such transcription.'
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Markku Luolajan-Mikkola - J.S. Bach: Complete Sonatas & Partitas - ABC

12 November 2016
Á. Marías


The sonatas and partitas for solo violin by Bach, played on the cello? It seems an absurdity; however, the Finnish Markku Luolajan-Mikkola has carried out this feat not only with great technical strength, but with a talent and a musicality that transcend the extravagance of the “even more difficult.” Playing the sonatas and partitas on the cello would seem something against nature, of merely technical interest. Despite this, the experiment is not without interest for the typical listener, as this music for violin resounds with such energy and depth on the cello that it is easy to forget the instrument for which it was originally written.  

 ¿Las Sonatas y partitas para violín solo de Bach tocadas con el violonchelo? Parece poco menos que un disparate; sin embargo, el finlandés Markku Luolajan-Mikkola ha llevado a cabo la proeza no ya con gran poderío técnico, sino con un talento y una musicalidad que trascienden la extravagancia del “más difícil todavía”. Tocar en el violonchelo las Sonatas y partitas parecería algo contra natura, de interés meramente técnico. Con todo, para el oyente común el experimento no carece de interés, porque esta música para violín suena con tal energía y hondura en el violonchelo que es fácil olvidarse del instrumento para el que fue escrita.


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