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MusicWeb International
'In every way these are exemplary performances in clear, close, but warm sound of some of Beethoven’s lighter music, which warrant an enthusiastic recommendation from me.'
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'The Sextet, too, is marvellously done here – fluent, articulate and sensitively shaped, with delicious interleaving of phrases in the rambunctious finale.'
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'... a lot of freshness, vitality and color.'
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The Scotsman
5 Stars
'...a showstopper, where the very stuff of theatre – its tensions and releases, its compelling narrative vitality and emotional nuances – is played out in scintillating musical terms.'
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'The musicians not only impress individually, but also harmonize as an ensemble.'
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The Herald
'...the line-up on this recording is particularly impressive...'
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MusicWeb International
'You couldn’t hope for more masterful, affable guides.'
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BBC Radio 3 ‘Record Review’
'All the wit and character of all the individual players coming through but yet still at the service of the whole ensemble. Something close to a perfect balance of individuality and team spirit.'
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The Wee Review
4 Stars
'The wind soloists of the SCO demonstrate why they are Scotland’s, and indeed one of Britain’s, finest chamber ensembles.'
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SCO Winds - Beethoven: Music for Winds - Financial Times

23 February 2018
Financial Times
Richard Fairman
4 Stars

It must have been a joy to attend an aristocratic dinner party in the late 18th century, when guests would have been entertained by bubblingly effervescent music from the host’s resident wind band. We may not associate Beethoven with this kind of background music, but he left a few delightful works from his early years. The Sextet and Octet are both congenial and highly skilled (Haydn sent the latter as one of a group of pieces to a patron noting that they showed “Beethoven will in time become one of the greatest musical artists in Europe”). The wind soloists of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra make a lovely job of them and throw in a handful of pleasing miniatures to fill the disc.
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