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Early Music Review
5 Stars
'The two players perform the music with style and elegance...a fine performance, recorded beautifully and well presented with comprehensive notes.'
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La Recensione
'...reinventing music by William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, William Lawes and other distinguished British musicians.'
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'Freeman-Attwood’s tone itself is a joy: warmly glowing with a multitude of different colours, and deliciously sleek both in technical execution and overall sound.'
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'An important and original recording in the acclaimed Freeman-Attwood series. Highly recommended.'
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Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - An English Sett for Trumpet - BBC Music Magazine

01 October 2018
BBC Music Magazine
Kate Bolton-Porciatti

'There's no doubting the technical prowess of these two crack performers, and it's hard not to share their guilty delight in this stolen booty: intonation and ensemble are spot-on...'
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