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Benjamin Grosvenor - Chopin, Liszt, Ravel - Audiophile Audition

13 June 2012
Audiophile Audition
Peter Joelson
5 Stars

Ben Grosvenor's "This & That" recorded a few years ago now, was something of an ear-opener from a youthful player.  This quite new release from Decca, his first of many I hope, for this label, shows the pianist's development since then during his carefully-managed and not over-exposed career has continued apace.

Stunningly well-played and most beautifully recorded, this recital is one of the most impressive I have heard this year.  Alternating a Scherzo with a Nocturne Grosvenor brings variety to the listener, the Chopin-inspired Liszt an interesting interlude, and Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit an exciting conclusion.  There is a good deal of competition in the catalogue, but this recital is greater than the sum of its parts, an intensely satisfying hour and a quarter.

Most highly recommended for investigation, especially in its high resolution format.  No booklet was supplied with the download, its absence needing addressing.  That aside, this is a record of the year for me!

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