Caledon - The Power And The Passion -

23 October 2005
David Usher
5 Stars

Having previously seen Caledon in concert at the Last Night of the RSNO Proms and bought their DVD 'On A Beautiful Scottish Evening', I was very keen to hear this symphonic album of Scots songs, and I wasn't disappointed: in fact, I was thrilled. This recording breathes new life into songs which have been around for a long time (hundreds of years in some cases) and makes them sound fresh and new, whilst still respecting and preserving their original meaning. Amongst the trios, the very intimate Over the Sea to Skye and Loch Lomond are particularly beautiful, as are the two Hebridean solos Sleeps The Noon and Land o' Heart's Desire. The third Hebridean solo, Mist-covered Mountains of Home, is a brilliantly catchy jazz-inspired number finishing on a huge, tenorial top note! The other numbers include full orchestra, choir and pipe band and sound really thrilling, especially the inspiring version of Sailing (which I didn't realise had been written by a Scot). These are tenors who can really sing and I would recommend their new album, not just to fellow Scots, but to anyone who likes beautiful music - 5 stars to Caledon!

Review by David Usher (Inverness)

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