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Crescendo and Jazz Music
'Carol Kidd is indeed an exceptional talent...She has a voice of outstanding beauty, marvellous diction and perfect pitch combined with impeccable jazz feeling.'
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Debut - The Jazz Rag

01 March 2004
The Jazz Rag
John Martin

In the last issue of Jazz Rag my old friend Kevin Henriques rightly took me to task for omitting Carol Kidd's name from a list of the best British female vocalists.

Kevin, I have no excuses. Put it down to a 'Senior Moment'. This is particularly inexplicable as Carol Kidd is my FAVOURITE singer. So apologies all round. Linn have now re-issued three of Carol's most impressive albums, two of which' Debut and All My Tomorrows, I gave rave reviews when they were first released. Nice Work is another release from the same period.

Here is what some other singers have to say about Carol Kidd:
"Carol is the best kept secret of British jazz" (Frank Sinatra); "You should be world famous. Where've you been?" (Tony Bennett); "Her control is thrilling...she is world-class" (Cleo Laine).
To which I can only add "Amen".

My advice is go out and buy all three records ... then go out again and buy everything else Carol has recorded. OK, Kevin?

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