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Carol Kidd - That's Me - Crescendo & Jazz Music

04 September 1995
Crescendo & Jazz Music

To all dedicated disciples of, say, Ella, Carmen, Billie, Sarah, Anita - and surely that's a pretty star-studded company - I am moved to suggest that you should forthwith add another name to that illustrious roll-call - Carol Kidd. Yes, definitely.

In this brilliant 56-minute recital, Carol manifests such magisterial control over the subtle, oft-times fugitive facility of vocalising in the grand jazz manner, it becomes patently obvious that mere cold words off a printed page can stop a thousand leagues short of conveying the impact and quality of this wonderful jazzlady's performances.

I'm thrown back, therefore, on the old device of tabulating the individual facets of her delivery and style which fill me with wonder and delight:

Phrasing: delicate paraphrase abounds, subtle rearrangement of the metres, sly suspensions, endearingly bluesy inflexions, that self-same mastery of improvisational adventurousness which crops up during almost anything ever set down by Billie Holiday. Yes, the very identical facility here.

Diction, voice quality, and intonation: 110% in every department.

Dynamics, expression and feeling: Carol Kidd is undoubtedly a performer who has the heart, and soul, to interpret the moods and sentiments expressed by her well-chosen songs with passion and sympathy. These are not merely vocal routines - no way - they are living and breathing readings of infinite depth and breadth, And how this superb artiste swings, when such sustained impetus is demanded by tempo or theme; explosive one instant, tenderly caressing the next.

What I'm trying to convey is - she is a wonderful singer of songs, a great interpreter, and above all, she radiates a warmth which remains cosy and friendly long after the equipment is silent.

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