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Do.gma Chamber Orchestra - do.gma#1- Class Aktuell

01 October 2010
Class Aktuell

With undogmatic lightness.
Do.gma Chamber Orchestra debuts with Tschaikowsky

Two of Tschaikowsky's best know works are newly presented by the do.gma Chamber Orchestra: the popular Serenade for Strings and the lyrical, virtuoso Souvenir de Florence. do.gma, with its warm, yet surprisingly lean orchestral tone, turns the way we usually think of the Russian soul on its head. The young musicians, in this SACD production, succeed in freeing the core of the piece from previous sugary musical interpretations and so come closer to Tchaikowsky's own intentions. He conceived much of his large-scale work, in the first instance, as delicate chamber music composition.

Delicacy certainly applies to his Serenade. In 1880 Tschaikowsky wrote to a string quintet that was later to play the Serenade, his favourite piece : "I love this Serenade beyond all measure..." Souvenir de Florence was begun 10 years earlier, but the sextet had not progressed much beyond sketches. It was 22 years later in 1892 that a rapturous St. Petersburg public could hear the premiere of the work, which to the present day, unlike hardly any other music, can communicate depth and joie de vivre. The do.gma Chamber Orchestra tackles both of these powerful pieces with astonishing ease.

These finely controlled multi-channel recordings have markedly different instrumental line-ups: Souvenir is produced in the usual sextet formation. The whole stage is set into motion by motifs composed to move through the particular instrumental positioning. The musicians play the Serenade with the 1st and 2nd violins placed opposite each other This allows significantly greater lucidity, but also has an astonishingly taut symphonic impact.

The result: with do.gma#1 the young chamber orchestra achieve a successful debut, surprising us with its spirit, a fascinating freshness and an undogmatic lightness. Keep up the good work!
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