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A vivid recording of delightful music, played on period instruments...
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"A delightful and necessary release!"
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"The technically most complicated concertos are played by this virtuoso in such a light and graceful way, as if he was just enjoying a summer walk through Tuscany"
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Edoardo Catemario - Concertos for Guitar and Orchestra Nos. 1 & 2 - Crescendo Belgium

11 August 2009
Crescendo Belgium

Edoardo Catemario embraces with fine and festive power the sound and technical potential of his instrument's resolutely demonstrative spirit (...) The soloist and director harmonize the musicality of Giuliani and excerpts a noble melody, pregnant of 1001 pyrotechnical challenges. Catemario concentrates on the simplicity of the contrasts which are exposed subtly with panache
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