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"The Tirao is lovely. The music is melodic, reminiscent of Torroba...The orchistration is beautiful (...) The SACD recording is wonderful and sounds great"
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The soloists are placed up front, the orchestra behind them...
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Edoardo Catemario - Conciertango - MUSICA

11 May 2009

After an excellent disc dedicated to Piazzolla's music, Catemario comes back in the world of Tango with another production, this time with orchestra, involving the great Argentinean composer (...) Piazzolla's double concerto has a great rhythmic energy and further here clearly emerges the inner lyric melancholy (...) Lacagnina's Concerto-Serenata is a work of great depth and power (...) the elegant dialog between Catemario and the orchestra
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