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"The Tirao is lovely. The music is melodic, reminiscent of Torroba...The orchistration is beautiful (...) The SACD recording is wonderful and sounds great"
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After an excellent disc dedicated to Piazzolla's music, Catemario comes back in the world of Tango...
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Edoardo Catemario - Conciertango -

10 August 2009

The soloists are placed up front, the orchestra behind them, and all players are heard with a singular clarity, the sound also conveying the music's warmth. The soloists, orchestra and conductor seem to have this music in their blood, and toss off its difficult passages with flair and ease. The readings sound natural and beguiling, and the engineering is first rate. If you're looking for something new that will prove so ingratiating it quickly becomes familiar, this disc is it.
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