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24 April 2009
The Scots Magazine

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra giving it laldy as they do so well, on a wide range of tracks from the nostalgically evocative to the frankly breathtaking. As an example of the latter, check out the opening track - but watch the volume or, like me, you may spill your tea (or whatever beverage you deem appropriate to accompany the fiddlers). A CD of stunning stuff, and no mistake, under the batons of John Mason MBE and Andrew McGarva, with a fair number of tracks written by John himself. By the way, "Highland Cathedral" is the second last track, and despite what I said earlier, rendered very movingly. Indeed, I can just see the massed bands at Murrayfield before Scotland thrashes the All Blacks 40-0. Yes, well: but for the foreseeable future, be content to enjoy the music, at least.

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