Il Concerto Barocco - Telemann Overture Suites - Goldberg

04 February 2008
Maricarmen Gomez
4 Stars

The repertoire chosen is made up of three works by Telemann: the popular Suite in A minor for flute, strings and continuo, the Concerto in D minor for two violins, viola and continuo and an Ouverture a 5 for viola da gamba, strings and continuo, which is the most striking piece.  The title Ouverture is rather ambigous, as it is in fact a suite with a French overture, followed by another seven movements.  The use of the viola da gamba as a solo instrumentis so unusual in Baroque suites and concertos, that this is Telemann's only work to do so.  Required listening for all those looking for something new in the chamber repertory, which could seem paradoxical coming from a composer who remains in Bach's shadow.

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