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Magnificat - Rogier: Missae Sex - MusicWeb International

18 November 2011
MusicWeb International
Brian Wilson

Thanks primarily to Linn and Magnificat, with able assistance from Hyperion, we now have a substantial recorded collection of the music of the hitherto neglected renaissance composer Philippe Rogier.

The new recording, like CKD348, features the use of instrumental accompaniment from His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts in the Missa Philippus Secundus; even those who dislike such accompaniment will find its use here pretty unobtrusive. In all other respects it's hard to imagine there being any objection to the new recording except from those temperamentally unsuited to renaissance music - and I can't imagine any of them bothering to read this review. That the Missa Incilita stirps is preceded by the Clemens motet which provides its cantus firmus and that the vocal items are interspersed with instrumental pieces by Cabezón and Rogier himself are plus points in my book.

There are two advantages to downloading here: availability two weeks in advance of the CD release date of November 14th and the provision of a variety of formats, staring with mp3 at £8 and including, for audiophiles, better-than-CD 24/96 and 24/192 Studio Master (£18). I settled for CD-quality 16/44.1 wma (£10) and found the results superb. The excellence of the performances and recording is matched by the booklet of notes, texts and translations. I've recently criticised Linn for not always providing these with downloads but they have done us proud this time with a booklet rivalling the kind which Hyperion produces.

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