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The Poems - Young America - Pop Culture Press

29 September 2008
Pop Culture Press
Andy Smith

Scottish popsters, The Poems, offer a breezy and loungy collection of songs on Young America. But with Robert Hodgens, a one-time member of the Bluebells (the poppiest of the 80's crop Scottish pop bands which included Altered Images and Aztec Camera) in charge of the songwriting, that is not surprising at all. Young America is an effortlessly tuneful and pleasant record. The opener "Sometimes, Somewhere, Someone Should Say Something" is a lovely lilting song with a lovely almost Esquivel-esque piano bit and heavenly harmonies. "See the Sunrise" has bigger guitars before breaking into a section that sounds like it came straight from the Carpenters' living room. But perhaps the record's real gem is the sadder "Blue Eyes Coming" with its excellent dynamic, simple melody line, and layered guitars. This is an easy, earthy sounding record that might leave you wishing for something with more edge by the time you get through it, but it will certainly leave you with plenty of wistful moments along the way.
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