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The Poems - Young America - The Confabulators

29 September 2008
The Confabulators

A metric shitton of Scottish indie talent, including folks from Belle and Sebastian, Del Amitri, Teenage Fanclub and the Proclaimers, descend on a small new group to help them cut their new CD. The results are far from the sort of chamber-pop bliss you'd expect, but it manages to remain distinctive and most of all promising. Picture Belle and Sebastian, circa maybe 2001, trying on countrified classic rock instead of whatever danceish thing they did instead.

Opener "Sometime Somewhere Someone Should Say Something" features an unfortunate drum machine - something the mars this and a couple otherwise excellent tracks - but otherwise is a catchy number that well represents the album. Full of the big, sweeping orchestration that sets them apart from their peers (and seems more appropriate for arenas than the typical indie foul-smelling cafe), the chorus gets stuck in your head and the sound manages to be like several bands without truly aping any.

Overall this bit features some catchy tunes, interesting ideas, and is certainly worth a listen. A solid beginning for a potentially fantastic band

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