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'Brilliant...the performances by Trio Sonnerie are virtuoso and always supremely tasteful.'
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'Huggett's playing is pliant and effortless, her distinctive sound very much the ensemble's hallmark.'
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'The Trio is impeccably stylish...a highly successful album, both for those who appreciate French baroque viol music, and as a gift for someone completely unfamiliar with it.'
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,,Die Interpretation des Trios istschön, elegant und insgesamt doch sehr schlicht gehalten.''
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'C'est donc une production qui nous fait vivre la musique française d'une manière bien plus grave et sombre qu'à l'accoutumée, ce qui devrait la hisser d'emblée au statut de reference.'
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'Trio Sonnerie catches the quirky quality of these to a T.'
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Musical Pointers
'riveting, original music presented with scholarship and given enduring vitality by Sonnerie.'
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Trio Sonnerie - La Gamme - The Irish Times

05 April 2013
The Irish Times
Michael Dervan
5 Stars

The main work here is Marin Marais's glorious La gamme et autres morceaux de symphonie pour violon, viole et clavecin of 1723. This includes the famous La Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris - with its famous circular motion, once heard, never forgotten - the sonata La Marésienne, and the fluidly virtuosic La gamme, where the starting point is a scale. Antoine Forqueray's Suite in D minor, split between the versions for gamba with continuo and solo harpsichord, is a showpiece of technique and sonority, whether it's spread between 10 fingers on a keyboard or features the acrobatic leaps and multiple stopping effects of the gamba. In Trio Sonnerie's fine performances this is a delight from start to finish.
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