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Weber Wind Concertos - SCO - BBC Music Magazine

01 November 2012
BBC Music Magazine
Micha Donat

It was when Weber travelled to Munich in the spring of 1811 that he first met the clarinettist Heinrich Bärmann. Such was the success of the Concertino he immediately composed for Bärmann that the Bavarian King, Maximilian I, commissioned two further clarinet concertos from him, and Weber found himself swamped by requests for pieces from members of the court orchestra. As well as the two further clarinet concertos, he composed a bassoon concerto that's not quite on the same level, though it has a fine slow movement featuring an extended passage with the soloist accompanied only by horns - an idea Weber took from the first of the clarinet concertos. And all his concerto slow movements, with their dramatic recitatives, benefit from his experience as an operatic composer.

Most clarinettists accept the revisions carried out by Bärmann but Martin Spangenberg keeps strictly to the letter of Weber's score. No such reservation applies to the recording by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra - a superior ensemble to Spangenberg's Orchestra M18. Peter Whelan and Alec Frank-Gemmill, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's principal bassoonist and horn player, make light of the prodigious difficulties of their respective concertos (in the Horn Concertino they include multiphonics, produced by singing into the instrument), and Maximiliano Martín gives an appropriately flamboyant account of the Clarinet Concertino and the Concert No. 1. This is repertoire that has been well served on CD before but this new version is as enjoyable as any.

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