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4½ Stars
'An agreeable Bachian tonic to cure jaded musical sensibilities'
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'wonderfully clean and vibrant lines contrast with the elaborate shapes of J.S. ...The programme is very well sequenced. As for the playing itself, I can find no fault: Jonathan Freeman-Attwood is clearly an amazing trumpeter and Daniel-Ben Pienaar, who has arranged all but one of the items deftly, is more than equal to the technical demands he sets himself. A very enjoyable release.’
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'Jonathan Freeman-Attwood has attracted much attention for his standard of playing on the trumpet and is an established Bach interpreter.'
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Q&A session with Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
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'A totally refreshing disc.'
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A Bach Notebook - Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - Northamptonshire Telegraph

03 June 2013
Northamptonshire Telegraph
Kevin Bryan

Linn's latest absorbing CD finds musician, academic and all-round Renaissance Man Jonathan Freeman-Attwood applying his vibrant techinque to works penned by 11 members of the unusually gifted Bach family, including of course the great Johann Sebastian himself.

The innovative trumpeter joins forces with pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar to tackle the latter's stylish arrangements of compositions whch were originally written for instruments as diverse as the cello, organ and human voice, creating a unique and deeply unhistorical recital which is most unlikely to find favour with musical purists, although it's well worth investigating nonetheless.

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