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Barb Jungr - Waterloo Sunset - 3WBC 94.1 FM

05 April 2004
3WBC 94.1 FM, Melbourne, Australia
Tony Bates

A third album from Barb, but could it follow in the footsteps of "Chanson" or even "Every Grain of Sand"? That in itself is a big ask, but Barb has pulled it off yet again; she could have settled for something easier but instead has decided to take on some classic tracks that, in anybody else's hands, might well have proven a sudden end to their career! Remaining true to the spirit and content of Like a Rolling Stone is, in itself, hard enough, but to reinvent it whilst remaining faithful to the original shows sheer genius. The whole album shines with many greats, Cathy's Clown, The Great Valerio and The Joker, whilst sitting alongside some new songs by Barb and Co-writers Christine and Russell; the latter slide into the same format of innovation and attraction.

What could be better than this album, a bottle of Chardonnay and a deserted beach? Only the outtakes, I suppose, if there are any!

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