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Barb Jungr - Waterloo Sunset- Record Collector

05 April 2004
Record Collector
Ken Hunt

Word went out that Barb Jungr's album of Dylan covers Every Grain Of Sand (2002), sold impressively. Her third album of interpretations for Linn meanders (without wishing to sound negative) through "feelings masked by other emotions, deceit, masks and outsiders". Periodically, circus and clown themes rise to the surface. Jungr's knack lies in imbuing even the highly familiar with new insights, as with Richard Thompson's ‘The Great Valerio'; or maybe only half turns rather than new twists on themes, as with her cover of the Ray Davies song that lends its name to album's title. Otherwise, she tackles the Everly Brothers' ‘Cathy's Clown' and Dylan's ‘High Water (For Charley Patton)' and ‘Like A Rolling Stone' (jugglers and clowns, slight return) before signing off with a flourish with Steve Miller's ‘The Joker'.

The song that leaves the most indelible mark is her and Christine Collister's ‘Written In The Dark Again' , appropriately, since it addresses the philosophical concept, concern or conceit of what lingers when a relationship is over. And for anybody to tackle ‘Waterloo Sunset', they must be touched or divine. Barb Jungr pulls it off. Ergo, she must be both.


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