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Collector's choice: 'Virtuosic and carefree'
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"[Pizarro] always rises to Beethoven's dramatic challenges, never more thrillingly than in an Appassionata of faultless bravura."
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In every way a disc to be sought out.
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A mesmerising mix of showmanship and intellect. Compulsive listening.
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Pizarro is not frightened to go his own way...
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...A mastery of the musical, emotional and intellectual power of Beethoven...
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A recording "delivered with conviction, intelligence and refined pianism"
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Beethoven Piano Sonatas - Pizarro - Hi Fi-Choice

01 July 2004
Hi-Fi Choice

Recordings of Beethoven piano sonatas are three-a-penny, even given the parlous state of the classical market. But this first disc on the Linn label from Artur Pizarro is a gem, delivered in HDCD through compatible players. The readings are fresh, rhythmically assured and highly involving. The lop-sided finale of the Tempest is particularly thrilling, but it's unfair to select from this consistently excellent recital. The Blüthner piano used here is less percussinve than a Steinway, and it lacks the sonority and weight of a Bösendorfer. Instead it has a warm, intimate quality that complements these highly original readings, and the engineering is more than worthy of the Linn lineage.
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