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4 Stars
'...we have here basically timeless musical performances, which are at the same time rooted in tradition and, in the best sense, modern.'
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‘All of the music on this disc is characterized by its intelligence and forward-looking beauty…’
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‘[ mihi…] is properly timeless isn’t it? Those celtic ornamentations he uses, and this choir is so good at that as well now. They are very beautiful…’
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Choral & Song Choice: 'A marvellous set of performances.'
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'The music is stimulating and compelling and the performances are first rate.'
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‘The composer’s intricate ensemble writing is beautifully performed by the superb chorus, and the engineering richly captures the warm resonance of Church of Holy Rude, Stirling, UK.’
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'Cappella Nova have a particularly white, straight sound which shows off the bone-structure of these exquisite motets, poised somewhere between beauty and anguished intensity.'
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'...fine sound that complements excellent performances by Cappella Nova.'
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'MacMillan is a champion virtuoso of church space.'
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'Strong engineering and a smaller, well drilled choir both assist his music...'
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Cappella Nova - Alpha & Omega - The Guardian

15 December 2013
The Observer
Fiona Maddocks
4 Stars

This third disc on Linn of choral music by James MacMillan by the excellent Scottish-based ensemble Cappella Nova once again displays their well-honed vocal talents. The group specialise in commissioning new works as well as performing early music. They bring control and precision to the ecstatic, incantatory nature of MacMillan's work in these eight works, six on disc for the first time, among them 'Alpha & Omega'. MacMillan is not shy of self-reference, as fans of his music may notice, yet each work - including the 'Missa Dunelmi' - is arresting. Violinist Madeleine Mitchell, providing a complementary cantilena to the vocal writing in 'Domine non secundum peccata nostra', adds to the numinous mood.
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