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My advice is go out and buy all three records ... then go out again and buy everything else Carol has recorded.
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Carol Kidd - All My Tomorrows - LP - Magazine for Analogue and Vinyl Culture

01 January 2007
LP - Magazine for Analogue and Vinyl Culture

Carol Kidd proves her star potential on "All My Tomorrows". She slips into all roles effortlessly: in Dat Dere, she turns into a small pouting girl; and she can convincingly do vamp, too! First highlight: Round Midnight. Reduced accompaniment, brilliant voice! And, be honest, when did you last hear such a pleasant vibrato as on When I Dream? There is nothing obtrusive or artificial, it is just dazzling when the singer "vibrates into" those notes and varies the tempo at will. Since the engineers at Linn were so disappointed with the sound of many vinyl records, to which they listened during the development of their LP12, they decided to produce records themselves -- with success! For the twentieth anniversary of the original recording, the original master tapes from 1985 were remastered, and the 2,000 copies pressed by Pallas reached the market simultaneously with Linn's return to the LP market. The whole production is pleasantly subtle: no recorded-specially-for-audiophiles attitude, which so often creates an artificial "live" experience. To put it another way: when were you last at a jam session or in a jazz concert? This anniversary edition is the first step to whetting your appetite for another live performance.
Carol Kidd at the zenith of her career -- an experience!
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